Bitcoin ABC  0.24.10
P2P Digital Currency
coin.cpp File Reference
#include <node/coin.h>
#include <node/context.h>
#include <txmempool.h>
#include <validation.h>
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void FindCoins (const NodeContext &node, std::map< COutPoint, Coin > &coins)
 Look up unspent output information. More...

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◆ FindCoins()

void FindCoins ( const NodeContext node,
std::map< COutPoint, Coin > &  coins 

Look up unspent output information.

Returns coins in the mempool and in the current chain UTXO set. Iterates through all the keys in the map and populates the values.

[in]nodeThe node context to use for lookup
[in,out]coinsmap to fill

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