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coinstats.h File Reference
#include <chain.h>
#include <coins.h>
#include <consensus/amount.h>
#include <primitives/blockhash.h>
#include <streams.h>
#include <uint256.h>
#include <cstdint>
#include <functional>
#include <optional>
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struct  node::CCoinsStats




enum class  node::CoinStatsHashType { node::HASH_SERIALIZED , node::MUHASH , node::NONE }


std::optional< CCoinsStats > node::GetUTXOStats (CCoinsView *view, node::BlockManager &blockman, CoinStatsHashType hash_type, const std::function< void()> &interruption_point={}, const CBlockIndex *pindex=nullptr, bool index_requested=true)
 Calculate statistics about the unspent transaction output set. More...
uint64_t node::GetBogoSize (const CScript &script_pub_key)
CDataStream node::TxOutSer (const COutPoint &outpoint, const Coin &coin)
std::optional< CCoinsStats > node::ComputeUTXOStats (CoinStatsHashType hash_type, CCoinsView *view, BlockManager &blockman, const std::function< void()> &interruption_point)