Bitcoin ABC  0.26.3
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transaction.h File Reference
#include <feerate.h>
#include <primitives/transaction.h>
#include <util/error.h>
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TransactionError node::BroadcastTransaction (const NodeContext &node, CTransactionRef tx, std::string &err_string, Amount max_tx_fee, bool relay, bool wait_callback)
 Submit a transaction to the mempool and (optionally) relay it to all P2P peers. More...
CTransactionRef node::GetTransaction (const CBlockIndex *const block_index, const CTxMemPool *const mempool, const TxId &txid, const Consensus::Params &consensusParams, BlockHash &hashBlock)
 Return transaction with a given txid. More...


static const CFeeRate node::DEFAULT_MAX_RAW_TX_FEE_RATE {COIN / 10}
 Maximum fee rate for sendrawtransaction and testmempoolaccept RPC calls. More...