Bitcoin ABC  0.26.3
P2P Digital Currency
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1 #ifndef _SECP256K1_SCHNORR_
2 # define _SECP256K1_SCHNORR_
4 # include "secp256k1.h"
6 # ifdef __cplusplus
7 extern "C" {
8 # endif
25  const secp256k1_context* ctx,
26  const unsigned char *sig64,
27  const unsigned char *msghash32,
28  const secp256k1_pubkey *pubkey
50  const secp256k1_context *ctx,
51  unsigned char *sig64,
52  const unsigned char *msghash32,
53  const unsigned char *seckey,
55  const void *ndata
58 # ifdef __cplusplus
59 }
60 # endif
62 #endif
secp256k1_context * ctx
#define SECP256K1_ARG_NONNULL(_x)
Definition: secp256k1.h:155
#define SECP256K1_API
Definition: secp256k1.h:140
int(* secp256k1_nonce_function)(unsigned char *nonce32, const unsigned char *msg32, const unsigned char *key32, const unsigned char *algo16, void *data, unsigned int attempt)
A pointer to a function to deterministically generate a nonce.
Definition: secp256k1.h:100
Warning attributes NONNULL is not used if SECP256K1_BUILD is set to avoid the compiler optimizing out...
Definition: secp256k1.h:150
SECP256K1_API int secp256k1_schnorr_sign(const secp256k1_context *ctx, unsigned char *sig64, const unsigned char *msghash32, const unsigned char *seckey, secp256k1_nonce_function noncefp, const void *ndata) SECP256K1_ARG_NONNULL(1) SECP256K1_ARG_NONNULL(2) SECP256K1_ARG_NONNULL(3) SECP256K1_ARG_NONNULL(4)
Create a signature using a custom EC-Schnorr-SHA256 construction.
Definition: main_impl.h:33
SECP256K1_API SECP256K1_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT int secp256k1_schnorr_verify(const secp256k1_context *ctx, const unsigned char *sig64, const unsigned char *msghash32, const secp256k1_pubkey *pubkey) SECP256K1_ARG_NONNULL(1) SECP256K1_ARG_NONNULL(2) SECP256K1_ARG_NONNULL(3) SECP256K1_ARG_NONNULL(4)
Verify a signature created by secp256k1_schnorr_sign.
Definition: main_impl.h:13
Opaque data structure that holds a parsed and valid public key.
Definition: secp256k1.h:67