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CCoinsStats Struct Reference

#include <coinstats.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CCoinsStats (CoinStatsHashType hash_type)

Public Attributes

CoinStatsHashType m_hash_type
int nHeight {0}
BlockHash hashBlock {}
uint64_t nTransactions {0}
uint64_t nTransactionOutputs {0}
uint64_t nBogoSize {0}
uint256 hashSerialized {}
uint64_t nDiskSize {0}
Amount nTotalAmount {Amount::zero()}
uint64_t coins_count {0}
 The number of coins contained. More...
bool index_requested {true}
 Signals if the coinstatsindex should be used (when available). More...
bool index_used {false}
 Signals if the coinstatsindex was used to retrieve the statistics. More...
Amount total_subsidy {Amount::zero()}
Amount total_unspendable_amount {Amount::zero()}
Amount total_prevout_spent_amount {Amount::zero()}
Amount total_new_outputs_ex_coinbase_amount {Amount::zero()}
Amount total_coinbase_amount {Amount::zero()}
Amount total_unspendables_genesis_block {Amount::zero()}
Amount total_unspendables_bip30 {Amount::zero()}
Amount total_unspendables_scripts {Amount::zero()}
Amount total_unspendables_unclaimed_rewards {Amount::zero()}

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file coinstats.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CCoinsStats()

CCoinsStats::CCoinsStats ( CoinStatsHashType  hash_type)

Definition at line 58 of file coinstats.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ coins_count

uint64_t CCoinsStats::coins_count {0}

The number of coins contained.

Definition at line 40 of file coinstats.h.

◆ hashBlock

BlockHash CCoinsStats::hashBlock {}

Definition at line 31 of file coinstats.h.

◆ hashSerialized

uint256 CCoinsStats::hashSerialized {}

Definition at line 35 of file coinstats.h.

◆ index_requested

bool CCoinsStats::index_requested {true}

Signals if the coinstatsindex should be used (when available).

Definition at line 43 of file coinstats.h.

◆ index_used

bool CCoinsStats::index_used {false}

Signals if the coinstatsindex was used to retrieve the statistics.

Definition at line 45 of file coinstats.h.

◆ m_hash_type

CoinStatsHashType CCoinsStats::m_hash_type

Definition at line 29 of file coinstats.h.

◆ nBogoSize

uint64_t CCoinsStats::nBogoSize {0}

Definition at line 34 of file coinstats.h.

◆ nDiskSize

uint64_t CCoinsStats::nDiskSize {0}

Definition at line 36 of file coinstats.h.

◆ nHeight

int CCoinsStats::nHeight {0}

Definition at line 30 of file coinstats.h.

◆ nTotalAmount

Amount CCoinsStats::nTotalAmount {Amount::zero()}

Definition at line 37 of file coinstats.h.

◆ nTransactionOutputs

uint64_t CCoinsStats::nTransactionOutputs {0}

Definition at line 33 of file coinstats.h.

◆ nTransactions

uint64_t CCoinsStats::nTransactions {0}

Definition at line 32 of file coinstats.h.

◆ total_coinbase_amount

Amount CCoinsStats::total_coinbase_amount {Amount::zero()}

Definition at line 52 of file coinstats.h.

◆ total_new_outputs_ex_coinbase_amount

Amount CCoinsStats::total_new_outputs_ex_coinbase_amount {Amount::zero()}

Definition at line 51 of file coinstats.h.

◆ total_prevout_spent_amount

Amount CCoinsStats::total_prevout_spent_amount {Amount::zero()}

Definition at line 50 of file coinstats.h.

◆ total_subsidy

Amount CCoinsStats::total_subsidy {Amount::zero()}

Definition at line 48 of file coinstats.h.

◆ total_unspendable_amount

Amount CCoinsStats::total_unspendable_amount {Amount::zero()}

Definition at line 49 of file coinstats.h.

◆ total_unspendables_bip30

Amount CCoinsStats::total_unspendables_bip30 {Amount::zero()}

Definition at line 54 of file coinstats.h.

◆ total_unspendables_genesis_block

Amount CCoinsStats::total_unspendables_genesis_block {Amount::zero()}

Definition at line 53 of file coinstats.h.

◆ total_unspendables_scripts

Amount CCoinsStats::total_unspendables_scripts {Amount::zero()}

Definition at line 55 of file coinstats.h.

◆ total_unspendables_unclaimed_rewards

Amount CCoinsStats::total_unspendables_unclaimed_rewards {Amount::zero()}

Definition at line 56 of file coinstats.h.

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