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CNode::TxRelay Struct Reference

#include <net.h>

Collaboration diagram for CNode::TxRelay:

Public Member Functions

bool fRelayTxes GUARDED_BY (cs_filter)
std::unique_ptr< CBloomFilter > pfilter PT_GUARDED_BY (cs_filter) GUARDED_BY(cs_filter)
CRollingBloomFilter filterInventoryKnown GUARDED_BY (cs_tx_inventory)
std::set< TxId > setInventoryTxToSend GUARDED_BY (cs_tx_inventory)
bool fSendMempool GUARDED_BY (cs_tx_inventory)
Amount minFeeFilter GUARDED_BY (cs_feeFilter)

Public Attributes

RecursiveMutex cs_filter
RecursiveMutex cs_tx_inventory
std::atomic< std::chrono::seconds > m_last_mempool_req {0s}
std::chrono::microseconds nNextInvSend {0}
RecursiveMutex cs_feeFilter
Amount lastSentFeeFilter {Amount::zero()}
std::chrono::microseconds m_next_send_feefilter {0}

Detailed Description

Definition at line 611 of file net.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GUARDED_BY() [1/5]

Amount minFeeFilter CNode::TxRelay::GUARDED_BY ( cs_feeFilter  )

Definition at line 637 of file net.h.

Here is the call graph for this function:

◆ GUARDED_BY() [2/5]

bool fRelayTxes CNode::TxRelay::GUARDED_BY ( cs_filter  )

Definition at line 618 of file net.h.

◆ GUARDED_BY() [3/5]

CRollingBloomFilter filterInventoryKnown CNode::TxRelay::GUARDED_BY ( cs_tx_inventory  )

Definition at line 623 of file net.h.

◆ GUARDED_BY() [4/5]

std::set<TxId> setInventoryTxToSend CNode::TxRelay::GUARDED_BY ( cs_tx_inventory  )

◆ GUARDED_BY() [5/5]

bool fSendMempool CNode::TxRelay::GUARDED_BY ( cs_tx_inventory  )

Definition at line 630 of file net.h.


std::unique_ptr<CBloomFilter> pfilter CNode::TxRelay::PT_GUARDED_BY ( cs_filter  )

Definition at line 619 of file net.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cs_feeFilter

RecursiveMutex CNode::TxRelay::cs_feeFilter

Definition at line 635 of file net.h.

◆ cs_filter

RecursiveMutex CNode::TxRelay::cs_filter

Definition at line 612 of file net.h.

◆ cs_tx_inventory

RecursiveMutex CNode::TxRelay::cs_tx_inventory

Definition at line 622 of file net.h.

◆ lastSentFeeFilter

Amount CNode::TxRelay::lastSentFeeFilter {Amount::zero()}

Definition at line 638 of file net.h.

◆ m_last_mempool_req

std::atomic<std::chrono::seconds> CNode::TxRelay::m_last_mempool_req {0s}

Definition at line 632 of file net.h.

◆ m_next_send_feefilter

std::chrono::microseconds CNode::TxRelay::m_next_send_feefilter {0}

Definition at line 639 of file net.h.

◆ nNextInvSend

std::chrono::microseconds CNode::TxRelay::nNextInvSend {0}

Definition at line 633 of file net.h.

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