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crypter.h File Reference
#include <serialize.h>
#include <support/allocators/secure.h>
#include <script/signingprovider.h>
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class  wallet::CMasterKey
 Private key encryption is done based on a CMasterKey, which holds a salt and random encryption key. More...
class  wallet::CCrypter
 Encryption/decryption context with key information. More...




typedef std::vector< unsigned char, secure_allocator< unsigned char > > wallet::CKeyingMaterial


bool wallet::EncryptSecret (const CKeyingMaterial &vMasterKey, const CKeyingMaterial &vchPlaintext, const uint256 &nIV, std::vector< unsigned char > &vchCiphertext)
bool wallet::DecryptSecret (const CKeyingMaterial &vMasterKey, const std::vector< unsigned char > &vchCiphertext, const uint256 &nIV, CKeyingMaterial &vchPlaintext)
bool wallet::DecryptKey (const CKeyingMaterial &vMasterKey, const std::vector< unsigned char > &vchCryptedSecret, const CPubKey &vchPubKey, CKey &key)


const unsigned int wallet::WALLET_CRYPTO_KEY_SIZE = 32
const unsigned int wallet::WALLET_CRYPTO_SALT_SIZE = 8
const unsigned int wallet::WALLET_CRYPTO_IV_SIZE = 16