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feebumper.cpp File Reference
#include <common/system.h>
#include <consensus/validation.h>
#include <interfaces/chain.h>
#include <policy/fees.h>
#include <policy/policy.h>
#include <util/moneystr.h>
#include <util/rbf.h>
#include <util/translation.h>
#include <wallet/coincontrol.h>
#include <wallet/feebumper.h>
#include <wallet/fees.h>
#include <wallet/receive.h>
#include <wallet/spend.h>
#include <wallet/wallet.h>
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static feebumper::Result wallet::PreconditionChecks (const CWallet &wallet, const CWalletTx &wtx, bool require_mine, std::vector< bilingual_str > &errors) EXCLUSIVE_LOCKS_REQUIRED(wallet.cs_wallet)
 Check whether transaction has descendant in wallet or mempool, or has been mined, or conflicts with a mined transaction. More...
static feebumper::Result wallet::CheckFeeRate (const CWallet &wallet, const CMutableTransaction &mtx, const CFeeRate &newFeerate, const int64_t maxTxSize, CAmount old_fee, std::vector< bilingual_str > &errors)
 Check if the user provided a valid feeRate. More...
static CFeeRate wallet::EstimateFeeRate (const CWallet &wallet, const CWalletTx &wtx, const CAmount old_fee, const CCoinControl &coin_control)
bool wallet::feebumper::TransactionCanBeBumped (const CWallet &wallet, const uint256 &txid)
 Return whether transaction can be bumped. More...
Result wallet::feebumper::CreateRateBumpTransaction (CWallet &wallet, const uint256 &txid, const CCoinControl &coin_control, std::vector< bilingual_str > &errors, CAmount &old_fee, CAmount &new_fee, CMutableTransaction &mtx, bool require_mine, const std::vector< CTxOut > &outputs, std::optional< uint32_t > original_change_index=std::nullopt)
 Create bumpfee transaction based on feerate estimates. More...
bool wallet::feebumper::SignTransaction (CWallet &wallet, CMutableTransaction &mtx)
 Sign the new transaction,. More...
Result wallet::feebumper::CommitTransaction (CWallet &wallet, const uint256 &txid, CMutableTransaction &&mtx, std::vector< bilingual_str > &errors, uint256 &bumped_txid)
 Commit the bumpfee transaction. More...