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CConnman::Options Struct Reference

#include <net.h>

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Public Attributes

ServiceFlags nLocalServices = NODE_NONE
int m_max_automatic_connections = 0
CClientUIInterfaceuiInterface = nullptr
NetEventsInterfacem_msgproc = nullptr
BanManm_banman = nullptr
unsigned int nSendBufferMaxSize = 0
unsigned int nReceiveFloodSize = 0
uint64_t nMaxOutboundLimit = 0
int64_t m_peer_connect_timeout = DEFAULT_PEER_CONNECT_TIMEOUT
std::vector< std::string > vSeedNodes
std::vector< NetWhitelistPermissionsvWhitelistedRangeIncoming
std::vector< NetWhitelistPermissionsvWhitelistedRangeOutgoing
std::vector< NetWhitebindPermissionsvWhiteBinds
std::vector< CServicevBinds
std::vector< CServiceonion_binds
bool bind_on_any
 True if the user did not specify -bind= or -whitebind= and thus we should bind on (IPv4) and :: (IPv6). More...
bool m_use_addrman_outgoing = true
std::vector< std::string > m_specified_outgoing
std::vector< std::string > m_added_nodes
bool m_i2p_accept_incoming
bool whitelist_forcerelay = DEFAULT_WHITELISTFORCERELAY
bool whitelist_relay = DEFAULT_WHITELISTRELAY

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1036 of file net.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bind_on_any

bool CConnman::Options::bind_on_any

True if the user did not specify -bind= or -whitebind= and thus we should bind on (IPv4) and :: (IPv6).

Definition at line 1055 of file net.h.

◆ m_added_nodes

std::vector<std::string> CConnman::Options::m_added_nodes

Definition at line 1058 of file net.h.

◆ m_banman

BanMan* CConnman::Options::m_banman = nullptr

Definition at line 1042 of file net.h.

◆ m_i2p_accept_incoming

bool CConnman::Options::m_i2p_accept_incoming

Definition at line 1059 of file net.h.

◆ m_max_automatic_connections

int CConnman::Options::m_max_automatic_connections = 0

Definition at line 1039 of file net.h.

◆ m_msgproc

NetEventsInterface* CConnman::Options::m_msgproc = nullptr

Definition at line 1041 of file net.h.

◆ m_peer_connect_timeout

int64_t CConnman::Options::m_peer_connect_timeout = DEFAULT_PEER_CONNECT_TIMEOUT

Definition at line 1046 of file net.h.

◆ m_specified_outgoing

std::vector<std::string> CConnman::Options::m_specified_outgoing

Definition at line 1057 of file net.h.

◆ m_use_addrman_outgoing

bool CConnman::Options::m_use_addrman_outgoing = true

Definition at line 1056 of file net.h.

◆ nLocalServices

ServiceFlags CConnman::Options::nLocalServices = NODE_NONE

Definition at line 1038 of file net.h.

◆ nMaxOutboundLimit

uint64_t CConnman::Options::nMaxOutboundLimit = 0

Definition at line 1045 of file net.h.

◆ nReceiveFloodSize

unsigned int CConnman::Options::nReceiveFloodSize = 0

Definition at line 1044 of file net.h.

◆ nSendBufferMaxSize

unsigned int CConnman::Options::nSendBufferMaxSize = 0

Definition at line 1043 of file net.h.

◆ onion_binds

std::vector<CService> CConnman::Options::onion_binds

Definition at line 1052 of file net.h.

◆ uiInterface

CClientUIInterface* CConnman::Options::uiInterface = nullptr

Definition at line 1040 of file net.h.

◆ vBinds

std::vector<CService> CConnman::Options::vBinds

Definition at line 1051 of file net.h.

◆ vSeedNodes

std::vector<std::string> CConnman::Options::vSeedNodes

Definition at line 1047 of file net.h.

◆ vWhiteBinds

std::vector<NetWhitebindPermissions> CConnman::Options::vWhiteBinds

Definition at line 1050 of file net.h.

◆ vWhitelistedRangeIncoming

std::vector<NetWhitelistPermissions> CConnman::Options::vWhitelistedRangeIncoming

Definition at line 1048 of file net.h.

◆ vWhitelistedRangeOutgoing

std::vector<NetWhitelistPermissions> CConnman::Options::vWhitelistedRangeOutgoing

Definition at line 1049 of file net.h.

◆ whitelist_forcerelay

bool CConnman::Options::whitelist_forcerelay = DEFAULT_WHITELISTFORCERELAY

Definition at line 1060 of file net.h.

◆ whitelist_relay

bool CConnman::Options::whitelist_relay = DEFAULT_WHITELISTRELAY

Definition at line 1061 of file net.h.

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