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CScriptCheck Class Reference

Check if transaction will be BIP 68 final in the next block to be created. More...

#include <validation.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CScriptCheck ()
 CScriptCheck (const CTxOut &outIn, const CTransaction &txToIn, unsigned int nInIn, uint32_t nFlagsIn, bool cacheIn, const PrecomputedTransactionData &txdataIn, TxSigCheckLimiter *pTxLimitSigChecksIn=nullptr, CheckInputsLimiter *pBlockLimitSigChecksIn=nullptr)
bool operator() ()
void swap (CScriptCheck &check)
ScriptError GetScriptError () const
ScriptExecutionMetrics GetScriptExecutionMetrics () const

Private Attributes

CTxOut m_tx_out
const CTransactionptxTo
unsigned int nIn
uint32_t nFlags
bool cacheStore
ScriptError error
ScriptExecutionMetrics metrics
PrecomputedTransactionData txdata

Detailed Description

Check if transaction will be BIP 68 final in the next block to be created.

Simulates calling SequenceLocks() with data from the tip of the current active chain. Optionally stores in LockPoints the resulting height and time calculated and the hash of the block needed for calculation or skips the calculation and uses the LockPoints passed in for evaluation. The LockPoints should not be considered valid if CheckSequenceLocks returns false.

See consensus/consensus.h for flag definitions. Closure representing one script verification. Note that this stores references to the spending transaction.

Note that if pLimitSigChecks is passed, then failure does not imply that scripts have failed.

Definition at line 461 of file validation.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CScriptCheck() [1/2]

CScriptCheck::CScriptCheck ( )

Definition at line 475 of file validation.h.

◆ CScriptCheck() [2/2]

CScriptCheck::CScriptCheck ( const CTxOut outIn,
const CTransaction txToIn,
unsigned int  nInIn,
uint32_t  nFlagsIn,
bool  cacheIn,
const PrecomputedTransactionData txdataIn,
TxSigCheckLimiter pTxLimitSigChecksIn = nullptr,
CheckInputsLimiter pBlockLimitSigChecksIn = nullptr 

Definition at line 480 of file validation.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetScriptError()

ScriptError CScriptCheck::GetScriptError ( ) const

Definition at line 505 of file validation.h.

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◆ GetScriptExecutionMetrics()

ScriptExecutionMetrics CScriptCheck::GetScriptExecutionMetrics ( ) const

Definition at line 507 of file validation.h.

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◆ operator()()

bool CScriptCheck::operator() ( )

Definition at line 1105 of file validation.cpp.

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◆ swap()

void CScriptCheck::swap ( CScriptCheck check)

Definition at line 492 of file validation.h.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ cacheStore

bool CScriptCheck::cacheStore

Definition at line 467 of file validation.h.

◆ error

ScriptError CScriptCheck::error

Definition at line 468 of file validation.h.

◆ m_tx_out

CTxOut CScriptCheck::m_tx_out

Definition at line 463 of file validation.h.

◆ metrics

ScriptExecutionMetrics CScriptCheck::metrics

Definition at line 469 of file validation.h.

◆ nFlags

uint32_t CScriptCheck::nFlags

Definition at line 466 of file validation.h.

◆ nIn

unsigned int CScriptCheck::nIn

Definition at line 465 of file validation.h.

◆ pBlockLimitSigChecks

CheckInputsLimiter* CScriptCheck::pBlockLimitSigChecks

Definition at line 472 of file validation.h.

◆ pTxLimitSigChecks

TxSigCheckLimiter* CScriptCheck::pTxLimitSigChecks

Definition at line 471 of file validation.h.

◆ ptxTo

const CTransaction* CScriptCheck::ptxTo

Definition at line 464 of file validation.h.

◆ txdata

PrecomputedTransactionData CScriptCheck::txdata

Definition at line 470 of file validation.h.

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