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ChainParamsWithCustomActivation Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ChainParamsWithCustomActivation (const CChainParams &chainParams, int daaHeight, int axionHeight)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CChainParams
const Consensus::ParamsGetConsensus () const
const CMessageHeader::MessageMagicDiskMagic () const
const CMessageHeader::MessageMagicNetMagic () const
uint16_t GetDefaultPort () const
uint16_t GetDefaultPort (Network net) const
uint16_t GetDefaultPort (const std::string &addr) const
const CBlockGenesisBlock () const
bool DefaultConsistencyChecks () const
 Default value for -checkmempool and -checkblockindex argument. More...
bool RequireStandard () const
 Policy: Filter transactions that do not match well-defined patterns. More...
bool IsTestChain () const
 If this chain is exclusively used for testing. More...
bool IsMockableChain () const
 If this chain allows time to be mocked. More...
uint64_t PruneAfterHeight () const
uint64_t AssumedBlockchainSize () const
 Minimum free space (in GB) needed for data directory. More...
uint64_t AssumedChainStateSize () const
 Minimum free space (in GB) needed for data directory when pruned; Does not include prune target. More...
bool MineBlocksOnDemand () const
 Whether it is possible to mine blocks on demand (no retargeting) More...
std::string NetworkIDString () const
 Return the BIP70 network string (main, test or regtest) More...
const std::vector< uint8_t > & Base58Prefix (Base58Type type) const
 Return the list of hostnames to look up for DNS seeds. More...
const std::string & CashAddrPrefix () const
const std::vector< SeedSpec6 > & FixedSeeds () const
const CCheckpointDataCheckpoints () const
const MapAssumeutxoAssumeutxo () const
 Get allowed assumeutxo configuration. More...
const ChainTxDataTxData () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CChainParams
enum  Base58Type {
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CChainParams
 CChainParams ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from CChainParams
Consensus::Params consensus
CMessageHeader::MessageMagic diskMagic
CMessageHeader::MessageMagic netMagic
uint16_t nDefaultPort
uint64_t nPruneAfterHeight
uint64_t m_assumed_blockchain_size
uint64_t m_assumed_chain_state_size
std::vector< std::string > vSeeds
std::vector< uint8_t > base58Prefixes [MAX_BASE58_TYPES]
std::string cashaddrPrefix
std::string strNetworkID
CBlock genesis
std::vector< SeedSpec6vFixedSeeds
bool fDefaultConsistencyChecks
bool fRequireStandard
bool m_is_test_chain
bool m_is_mockable_chain
CCheckpointData checkpointData
MapAssumeutxo m_assumeutxo_data
ChainTxData chainTxData

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ChainParamsWithCustomActivation()

ChainParamsWithCustomActivation::ChainParamsWithCustomActivation ( const CChainParams chainParams,
int  daaHeight,
int  axionHeight 

Definition at line 537 of file aserti32d_tests.cpp.

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