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coinstatsindex.h File Reference
#include <chain.h>
#include <crypto/muhash.h>
#include <flatfile.h>
#include <index/base.h>
#include <kernel/coinstats.h>
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class  CoinStatsIndex
 CoinStatsIndex maintains statistics on the UTXO set. More...


static constexpr bool DEFAULT_COINSTATSINDEX {false}
std::unique_ptr< CoinStatsIndexg_coin_stats_index
 The global UTXO set hash object. More...

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constexpr bool DEFAULT_COINSTATSINDEX {false}

Definition at line 16 of file coinstatsindex.h.

◆ g_coin_stats_index

std::unique_ptr<CoinStatsIndex> g_coin_stats_index

The global UTXO set hash object.

Definition at line 102 of file coinstatsindex.cpp.