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poly1305.cpp File Reference
#include <crypto/common.h>
#include <crypto/poly1305.h>
#include <cstring>
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#define mul32x32_64(a, b)   ((uint64_t)(a) * (b))


void poly1305_auth (uint8_t out[POLY1305_TAGLEN], const uint8_t *m, size_t inlen, const uint8_t key[POLY1305_KEYLEN])

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◆ mul32x32_64

#define mul32x32_64 (   a,
)    ((uint64_t)(a) * (b))

Definition at line 13 of file poly1305.cpp.

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◆ poly1305_auth()

void poly1305_auth ( uint8_t  out[POLY1305_TAGLEN],
const uint8_t *  m,
size_t  inlen,
const uint8_t  key[POLY1305_KEYLEN] 

Definition at line 15 of file poly1305.cpp.

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