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torv3 Namespace Reference


static void Checksum (Span< const uint8_t > addr_pubkey, uint8_t(&checksum)[CHECKSUM_LEN])


static constexpr size_t CHECKSUM_LEN = 2
static const uint8_t VERSION [] = {3}
static constexpr size_t TOTAL_LEN

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◆ Checksum()

static void torv3::Checksum ( Span< const uint8_t >  addr_pubkey,
uint8_t(&)  checksum[CHECKSUM_LEN] 

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constexpr size_t torv3::CHECKSUM_LEN = 2

Definition at line 201 of file netaddress.cpp.


constexpr size_t torv3::TOTAL_LEN
Initial value:
static const uint8_t VERSION[]
Definition: netaddress.cpp:202
static constexpr size_t CHECKSUM_LEN
Definition: netaddress.cpp:201
static constexpr size_t ADDR_TORV3_SIZE
Size of TORv3 address (in bytes).
Definition: netaddress.h:104

Definition at line 203 of file netaddress.cpp.


const uint8_t torv3::VERSION[] = {3}

Definition at line 202 of file netaddress.cpp.