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scriptpubkeyman.h File Reference
#include <psbt.h>
#include <script/descriptor.h>
#include <script/signingprovider.h>
#include <script/standard.h>
#include <util/error.h>
#include <util/message.h>
#include <wallet/crypter.h>
#include <wallet/ismine.h>
#include <wallet/walletdb.h>
#include <wallet/walletutil.h>
#include <boost/signals2/signal.hpp>
#include <unordered_map>
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class  WalletStorage
class  CKeyPool
 A key from a CWallet's keypool. More...
class  ScriptPubKeyMan
 A class implementing ScriptPubKeyMan manages some (or all) scriptPubKeys used in a wallet. More...
class  LegacyScriptPubKeyMan
class  LegacySigningProvider
 Wraps a LegacyScriptPubKeyMan so that it can be returned in a new unique_ptr. More...
class  DescriptorScriptPubKeyMan


std::vector< CKeyIDGetAffectedKeys (const CScript &spk, const SigningProvider &provider)


static const unsigned int DEFAULT_KEYPOOL_SIZE = 1000
 Default for -keypool. More...

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◆ GetAffectedKeys()

std::vector<CKeyID> GetAffectedKeys ( const CScript spk,
const SigningProvider provider 

Definition at line 1447 of file scriptpubkeyman.cpp.

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const unsigned int DEFAULT_KEYPOOL_SIZE = 1000

Default for -keypool.

Definition at line 51 of file scriptpubkeyman.h.