Bitcoin ABC  0.26.3
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interfaces::WalletTxStatus Struct Reference

Updated transaction status. More...

#include <wallet.h>

Public Attributes

int block_height
int blocks_to_maturity
int depth_in_main_chain
unsigned int time_received
uint32_t lock_time
bool is_trusted
bool is_abandoned
bool is_coinbase
bool is_in_main_chain

Detailed Description

Updated transaction status.

Definition at line 383 of file wallet.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ block_height

int interfaces::WalletTxStatus::block_height

Definition at line 384 of file wallet.h.

◆ blocks_to_maturity

int interfaces::WalletTxStatus::blocks_to_maturity

Definition at line 385 of file wallet.h.

◆ depth_in_main_chain

int interfaces::WalletTxStatus::depth_in_main_chain

Definition at line 386 of file wallet.h.

◆ is_abandoned

bool interfaces::WalletTxStatus::is_abandoned

Definition at line 390 of file wallet.h.

◆ is_coinbase

bool interfaces::WalletTxStatus::is_coinbase

Definition at line 391 of file wallet.h.

◆ is_in_main_chain

bool interfaces::WalletTxStatus::is_in_main_chain

Definition at line 392 of file wallet.h.

◆ is_trusted

bool interfaces::WalletTxStatus::is_trusted

Definition at line 389 of file wallet.h.

◆ lock_time

uint32_t interfaces::WalletTxStatus::lock_time

Definition at line 388 of file wallet.h.

◆ time_received

unsigned int interfaces::WalletTxStatus::time_received

Definition at line 387 of file wallet.h.

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