Bitcoin Core  27.99.0
P2P Digital Currency
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1 // Copyright (c) 2017-2022 The Bitcoin Core developers
2 // Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
3 // file COPYING or
8 #include <dbwrapper.h>
9 #include <interfaces/chain.h>
10 #include <util/threadinterrupt.h>
11 #include <validationinterface.h>
13 #include <string>
15 class CBlock;
16 class CBlockIndex;
17 class Chainstate;
18 class ChainstateManager;
19 namespace interfaces {
20 class Chain;
21 } // namespace interfaces
23 struct IndexSummary {
24  std::string name;
25  bool synced{false};
28 };
41 {
42 protected:
50  class DB : public CDBWrapper
51  {
52  public:
53  DB(const fs::path& path, size_t n_cache_size,
54  bool f_memory = false, bool f_wipe = false, bool f_obfuscate = false);
57  bool ReadBestBlock(CBlockLocator& locator) const;
60  void WriteBestBlock(CDBBatch& batch, const CBlockLocator& locator);
61  };
63 private:
65  std::atomic<bool> m_init{false};
73  std::atomic<bool> m_synced{false};
76  std::atomic<const CBlockIndex*> m_best_block_index{nullptr};
78  std::thread m_thread_sync;
89  bool Commit();
92  bool Rewind(const CBlockIndex* current_tip, const CBlockIndex* new_tip);
94  virtual bool AllowPrune() const = 0;
96  template <typename... Args>
97  void FatalErrorf(const char* fmt, const Args&... args);
99 protected:
100  std::unique_ptr<interfaces::Chain> m_chain;
102  const std::string m_name;
104  void BlockConnected(ChainstateRole role, const std::shared_ptr<const CBlock>& block, const CBlockIndex* pindex) override;
106  void ChainStateFlushed(ChainstateRole role, const CBlockLocator& locator) override;
109  [[nodiscard]] virtual bool CustomInit(const std::optional<interfaces::BlockKey>& block) { return true; }
112  [[nodiscard]] virtual bool CustomAppend(const interfaces::BlockInfo& block) { return true; }
116  virtual bool CustomCommit(CDBBatch& batch) { return true; }
120  [[nodiscard]] virtual bool CustomRewind(const interfaces::BlockKey& current_tip, const interfaces::BlockKey& new_tip) { return true; }
122  virtual DB& GetDB() const = 0;
125  void SetBestBlockIndex(const CBlockIndex* block);
127 public:
128  BaseIndex(std::unique_ptr<interfaces::Chain> chain, std::string name);
130  virtual ~BaseIndex();
133  const std::string& GetName() const LIFETIMEBOUND { return m_name; }
140  bool BlockUntilSyncedToCurrentChain() const LOCKS_EXCLUDED(::cs_main);
142  void Interrupt();
146  [[nodiscard]] bool Init();
149  [[nodiscard]] bool StartBackgroundSync();
156  void Sync();
159  void Stop();
162  IndexSummary GetSummary() const;
163 };
165 #endif // BITCOIN_INDEX_BASE_H
Definition: attributes.h:16
ArgsManager & args
Definition: bitcoind.cpp:267
The database stores a block locator of the chain the database is synced to so that the index can effi...
Definition: base.h:51
void WriteBestBlock(CDBBatch &batch, const CBlockLocator &locator)
Write block locator of the chain that the index is in sync with.
Definition: base.cpp:65
DB(const fs::path &path, size_t n_cache_size, bool f_memory=false, bool f_wipe=false, bool f_obfuscate=false)
Definition: base.cpp:46
bool ReadBestBlock(CBlockLocator &locator) const
Read block locator of the chain that the index is in sync with.
Definition: base.cpp:56
Base class for indices of blockchain data.
Definition: base.h:41
void Stop()
Stops the instance from staying in sync with blockchain updates.
Definition: base.cpp:410
void SetBestBlockIndex(const CBlockIndex *block)
Update the internal best block index as well as the prune lock.
Definition: base.cpp:436
bool Init()
Initializes the sync state and registers the instance to the validation interface so that it stays in...
Definition: base.cpp:79
virtual ~BaseIndex()
Destructor interrupts sync thread if running and blocks until it exits.
Definition: base.cpp:73
virtual bool CustomCommit(CDBBatch &batch)
Virtual method called internally by Commit that can be overridden to atomically commit more index sta...
Definition: base.h:116
virtual bool AllowPrune() const =0
void BlockConnected(ChainstateRole role, const std::shared_ptr< const CBlock > &block, const CBlockIndex *pindex) override
Notifies listeners of a block being connected.
Definition: base.cpp:271
const std::string & GetName() const LIFETIMEBOUND
Get the name of the index for display in logs.
Definition: base.h:133
std::atomic< bool > m_synced
Whether the index is in sync with the main chain.
Definition: base.h:73
CThreadInterrupt m_interrupt
Definition: base.h:79
BaseIndex(std::unique_ptr< interfaces::Chain > chain, std::string name)
Definition: base.cpp:70
IndexSummary GetSummary() const
Get a summary of the index and its state.
Definition: base.cpp:421
const std::string m_name
Definition: base.h:102
void Sync()
Sync the index with the block index starting from the current best block.
Definition: base.cpp:144
std::thread m_thread_sync
Definition: base.h:78
bool Commit()
Write the current index state (eg.
Definition: base.cpp:227
virtual bool CustomInit(const std::optional< interfaces::BlockKey > &block)
Initialize internal state from the database and block index.
Definition: base.h:109
virtual bool CustomRewind(const interfaces::BlockKey &current_tip, const interfaces::BlockKey &new_tip)
Rewind index to an earlier chain tip during a chain reorg.
Definition: base.h:120
virtual DB & GetDB() const =0
void FatalErrorf(const char *fmt, const Args &... args)
Definition: base.cpp:31
Chainstate * m_chainstate
Definition: base.h:101
bool Rewind(const CBlockIndex *current_tip, const CBlockIndex *new_tip)
Loop over disconnected blocks and call CustomRewind.
Definition: base.cpp:247
bool StartBackgroundSync()
Starts the initial sync process on a background thread.
Definition: base.cpp:402
void ChainStateFlushed(ChainstateRole role, const CBlockLocator &locator) override
Notifies listeners of the new active block chain on-disk.
Definition: base.cpp:328
std::unique_ptr< interfaces::Chain > m_chain
Definition: base.h:100
std::atomic< bool > m_init
Whether the index has been initialized or not.
Definition: base.h:65
std::atomic< const CBlockIndex * > m_best_block_index
The last block in the chain that the index is in sync with.
Definition: base.h:76
virtual bool CustomAppend(const interfaces::BlockInfo &block)
Write update index entries for a newly connected block.
Definition: base.h:112
Definition: block.h:69
The block chain is a tree shaped structure starting with the genesis block at the root,...
Definition: chain.h:141
Batch of changes queued to be written to a CDBWrapper.
Definition: dbwrapper.h:73
A helper class for interruptible sleeps.
Implement this to subscribe to events generated in validation and mempool.
Chainstate stores and provides an API to update our local knowledge of the current best chain.
Definition: validation.h:490
Provides an interface for creating and interacting with one or two chainstates: an IBD chainstate gen...
Definition: validation.h:849
Path class wrapper to block calls to the fs::path(std::string) implicit constructor and the fs::path:...
Definition: fs.h:33
256-bit opaque blob.
Definition: uint256.h:106
RecursiveMutex cs_main
Mutex to guard access to validation specific variables, such as reading or changing the chainstate.
Definition: cs_main.cpp:8
This enum describes the various roles a specific Chainstate instance can take.
Definition: chain.h:25
const char * name
Definition: rest.cpp:48
Describes a place in the block chain to another node such that if the other node doesn't have the sam...
Definition: block.h:124
std::string name
Definition: base.h:24
bool synced
Definition: base.h:25
uint256 best_block_hash
Definition: base.h:27
int best_block_height
Definition: base.h:26
Block data sent with blockConnected, blockDisconnected notifications.
Definition: chain.h:84
Hash/height pair to help track and identify blocks.
Definition: chain.h:45
#define LOCKS_EXCLUDED(...)
Definition: threadsafety.h:48