Bitcoin Core  27.99.0
P2P Digital Currency
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1 // Copyright (c) 2010 Satoshi Nakamoto
2 // Copyright (c) 2009-2021 The Bitcoin Core developers
3 // Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
4 // file COPYING or
6 #include <chainparamsbase.h>
8 #include <common/args.h>
9 #include <tinyformat.h>
10 #include <util/chaintype.h>
12 #include <assert.h>
15 {
16  argsman.AddArg("-chain=<chain>", "Use the chain <chain> (default: main). Allowed values: main, test, signet, regtest", ArgsManager::ALLOW_ANY, OptionsCategory::CHAINPARAMS);
17  argsman.AddArg("-regtest", "Enter regression test mode, which uses a special chain in which blocks can be solved instantly. "
18  "This is intended for regression testing tools and app development. Equivalent to -chain=regtest.", ArgsManager::ALLOW_ANY | ArgsManager::DEBUG_ONLY, OptionsCategory::CHAINPARAMS);
19  argsman.AddArg("-testactivationheight=name@height.", "Set the activation height of 'name' (segwit, bip34, dersig, cltv, csv). (regtest-only)", ArgsManager::ALLOW_ANY | ArgsManager::DEBUG_ONLY, OptionsCategory::DEBUG_TEST);
20  argsman.AddArg("-testnet", "Use the test chain. Equivalent to -chain=test.", ArgsManager::ALLOW_ANY, OptionsCategory::CHAINPARAMS);
21  argsman.AddArg("-vbparams=deployment:start:end[:min_activation_height]", "Use given start/end times and min_activation_height for specified version bits deployment (regtest-only)", ArgsManager::ALLOW_ANY | ArgsManager::DEBUG_ONLY, OptionsCategory::CHAINPARAMS);
22  argsman.AddArg("-signet", "Use the signet chain. Equivalent to -chain=signet. Note that the network is defined by the -signetchallenge parameter", ArgsManager::ALLOW_ANY, OptionsCategory::CHAINPARAMS);
23  argsman.AddArg("-signetchallenge", "Blocks must satisfy the given script to be considered valid (only for signet networks; defaults to the global default signet test network challenge)", ArgsManager::ALLOW_ANY | ArgsManager::DISALLOW_NEGATION, OptionsCategory::CHAINPARAMS);
24  argsman.AddArg("-signetseednode", "Specify a seed node for the signet network, in the hostname[:port] format, e.g. (may be used multiple times to specify multiple seed nodes; defaults to the global default signet test network seed node(s))", ArgsManager::ALLOW_ANY | ArgsManager::DISALLOW_NEGATION, OptionsCategory::CHAINPARAMS);
25 }
27 static std::unique_ptr<CBaseChainParams> globalChainBaseParams;
30 {
32  return *globalChainBaseParams;
33 }
39 std::unique_ptr<CBaseChainParams> CreateBaseChainParams(const ChainType chain)
40 {
41  switch (chain) {
42  case ChainType::MAIN:
43  return std::make_unique<CBaseChainParams>("", 8332, 8334);
44  case ChainType::TESTNET:
45  return std::make_unique<CBaseChainParams>("testnet3", 18332, 18334);
46  case ChainType::SIGNET:
47  return std::make_unique<CBaseChainParams>("signet", 38332, 38334);
48  case ChainType::REGTEST:
49  return std::make_unique<CBaseChainParams>("regtest", 18443, 18445);
50  }
51  assert(false);
52 }
54 void SelectBaseParams(const ChainType chain)
55 {
58 }
ArgsManager gArgs
Definition: args.cpp:41
const CBaseChainParams & BaseParams()
Return the currently selected parameters.
static std::unique_ptr< CBaseChainParams > globalChainBaseParams
void SetupChainParamsBaseOptions(ArgsManager &argsman)
Set the arguments for chainparams.
void SelectBaseParams(const ChainType chain)
Sets the params returned by Params() to those for the given chain.
std::unique_ptr< CBaseChainParams > CreateBaseChainParams(const ChainType chain)
Port numbers for incoming Tor connections (8334, 18334, 38334, 18445) have been chosen arbitrarily to...
std::string ChainTypeToString(ChainType chain)
Definition: chaintype.cpp:11
Definition: chaintype.h:11
disable validation
Definition: args.h:104
disallow -nofoo syntax
Definition: args.h:109
Definition: args.h:112
void SelectConfigNetwork(const std::string &network)
Select the network in use.
Definition: args.cpp:171
void AddArg(const std::string &name, const std::string &help, unsigned int flags, const OptionsCategory &cat)
Add argument.
Definition: args.cpp:562
CBaseChainParams defines the base parameters (shared between bitcoin-cli and bitcoind) of a given ins...