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struct  Context
 Context struct used to give IPC protocol implementations or implementation hooks access to application state, in case they need to run extra code that isn't needed within a single process, like code copying global state from an existing process to a new process when it's initialized, or code dealing with shared objects that are created or destroyed remotely. More...
class  Exception
 Exception class thrown when a call to remote method fails due to an IPC error, like a socket getting disconnected. More...
class  Process
 IPC process interface for spawning bitcoin processes and serving requests in processes that have been spawned. More...
class  Protocol
 IPC protocol interface for calling IPC methods over sockets. More...


std::unique_ptr< ProcessMakeProcess ()
 Constructor for Process interface. More...

Function Documentation

◆ MakeProcess()

std::unique_ptr< Process > ipc::MakeProcess ( )

Constructor for Process interface.

Implementation will vary depending on the platform (unix or windows).

Definition at line 60 of file process.cpp.