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secp256k1_schnorrsig_extraparams Struct Reference

Data structure that contains additional arguments for schnorrsig_sign_custom. More...

#include <secp256k1_schnorrsig.h>

Public Attributes

unsigned char magic [4]
secp256k1_nonce_function_hardened noncefp
void * ndata

Detailed Description

Data structure that contains additional arguments for schnorrsig_sign_custom.

A schnorrsig_extraparams structure object can be initialized correctly by setting it to SECP256K1_SCHNORRSIG_EXTRAPARAMS_INIT.

Members: magic: set to SECP256K1_SCHNORRSIG_EXTRAPARAMS_MAGIC at initialization and has no other function than making sure the object is initialized. noncefp: pointer to a nonce generation function. If NULL, secp256k1_nonce_function_bip340 is used ndata: pointer to arbitrary data used by the nonce generation function (can be NULL). If it is non-NULL and secp256k1_nonce_function_bip340 is used, then ndata must be a pointer to 32-byte auxiliary randomness as per BIP-340.

Definition at line 82 of file secp256k1_schnorrsig.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ magic

unsigned char secp256k1_schnorrsig_extraparams::magic[4]

Definition at line 83 of file secp256k1_schnorrsig.h.

◆ ndata

void* secp256k1_schnorrsig_extraparams::ndata

Definition at line 85 of file secp256k1_schnorrsig.h.

◆ noncefp

secp256k1_nonce_function_hardened secp256k1_schnorrsig_extraparams::noncefp

Definition at line 84 of file secp256k1_schnorrsig.h.

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