Bitcoin Core  27.99.0
P2P Digital Currency
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1 // Copyright (c) 2016-2022 The Bitcoin Core developers
2 // Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
3 // file COPYING or
5 #include <config/bitcoin-config.h> // IWYU pragma: keep
7 #include <chainparams.h>
8 #include <chainparamsbase.h>
9 #include <clientversion.h>
10 #include <common/args.h>
11 #include <common/system.h>
12 #include <compat/compat.h>
13 #include <interfaces/init.h>
14 #include <key.h>
15 #include <logging.h>
16 #include <pubkey.h>
17 #include <tinyformat.h>
18 #include <util/exception.h>
19 #include <util/translation.h>
20 #include <wallet/wallettool.h>
22 #include <exception>
23 #include <functional>
24 #include <string>
25 #include <tuple>
27 const std::function<std::string(const char*)> G_TRANSLATION_FUN = nullptr;
29 static void SetupWalletToolArgs(ArgsManager& argsman)
30 {
31  SetupHelpOptions(argsman);
34  argsman.AddArg("-version", "Print version and exit", ArgsManager::ALLOW_ANY, OptionsCategory::OPTIONS);
35  argsman.AddArg("-datadir=<dir>", "Specify data directory", ArgsManager::ALLOW_ANY, OptionsCategory::OPTIONS);
36  argsman.AddArg("-wallet=<wallet-name>", "Specify wallet name", ArgsManager::ALLOW_ANY | ArgsManager::NETWORK_ONLY, OptionsCategory::OPTIONS);
37  argsman.AddArg("-dumpfile=<file name>", "When used with 'dump', writes out the records to this file. When used with 'createfromdump', loads the records into a new wallet.", ArgsManager::ALLOW_ANY | ArgsManager::DISALLOW_NEGATION, OptionsCategory::OPTIONS);
38  argsman.AddArg("-debug=<category>", "Output debugging information (default: 0).", ArgsManager::ALLOW_ANY, OptionsCategory::DEBUG_TEST);
39  argsman.AddArg("-descriptors", "Create descriptors wallet. Only for 'create'", ArgsManager::ALLOW_ANY, OptionsCategory::OPTIONS);
40  argsman.AddArg("-legacy", "Create legacy wallet. Only for 'create'", ArgsManager::ALLOW_ANY, OptionsCategory::OPTIONS);
41  argsman.AddArg("-format=<format>", "The format of the wallet file to create. Either \"bdb\" or \"sqlite\". Only used with 'createfromdump'", ArgsManager::ALLOW_ANY, OptionsCategory::OPTIONS);
42  argsman.AddArg("-printtoconsole", "Send trace/debug info to console (default: 1 when no -debug is true, 0 otherwise).", ArgsManager::ALLOW_ANY, OptionsCategory::DEBUG_TEST);
43  argsman.AddArg("-withinternalbdb", "Use the internal Berkeley DB parser when dumping a Berkeley DB wallet file (default: false)", ArgsManager::ALLOW_ANY, OptionsCategory::DEBUG_TEST);
45  argsman.AddCommand("info", "Get wallet info");
46  argsman.AddCommand("create", "Create new wallet file");
47  argsman.AddCommand("salvage", "Attempt to recover private keys from a corrupt wallet. Warning: 'salvage' is experimental.");
48  argsman.AddCommand("dump", "Print out all of the wallet key-value records");
49  argsman.AddCommand("createfromdump", "Create new wallet file from dumped records");
50 }
52 static std::optional<int> WalletAppInit(ArgsManager& args, int argc, char* argv[])
53 {
55  std::string error_message;
56  if (!args.ParseParameters(argc, argv, error_message)) {
57  tfm::format(std::cerr, "Error parsing command line arguments: %s\n", error_message);
58  return EXIT_FAILURE;
59  }
60  const bool missing_args{argc < 2};
61  if (missing_args || HelpRequested(args) || args.IsArgSet("-version")) {
62  std::string strUsage = strprintf("%s bitcoin-wallet version", PACKAGE_NAME) + " " + FormatFullVersion() + "\n";
64  if (args.IsArgSet("-version")) {
65  strUsage += FormatParagraph(LicenseInfo());
66  } else {
67  strUsage += "\n"
68  "bitcoin-wallet is an offline tool for creating and interacting with " PACKAGE_NAME " wallet files.\n"
69  "By default bitcoin-wallet will act on wallets in the default mainnet wallet directory in the datadir.\n"
70  "To change the target wallet, use the -datadir, -wallet and -regtest/-signet/-testnet arguments.\n\n"
71  "Usage:\n"
72  " bitcoin-wallet [options] <command>\n";
73  strUsage += "\n" + args.GetHelpMessage();
74  }
75  tfm::format(std::cout, "%s", strUsage);
76  if (missing_args) {
77  tfm::format(std::cerr, "Error: too few parameters\n");
78  return EXIT_FAILURE;
79  }
80  return EXIT_SUCCESS;
81  }
83  // check for printtoconsole, allow -debug
84  LogInstance().m_print_to_console = args.GetBoolArg("-printtoconsole", args.GetBoolArg("-debug", false));
86  if (!CheckDataDirOption(args)) {
87  tfm::format(std::cerr, "Error: Specified data directory \"%s\" does not exist.\n", args.GetArg("-datadir", ""));
88  return EXIT_FAILURE;
89  }
90  // Check for chain settings (Params() calls are only valid after this clause)
93  return std::nullopt;
94 }
97 {
99 #ifdef WIN32
100  common::WinCmdLineArgs winArgs;
101  std::tie(argc, argv) = winArgs.get();
102 #endif
105  std::unique_ptr<interfaces::Init> init = interfaces::MakeWalletInit(argc, argv, exit_status);
106  if (!init) {
107  return exit_status;
108  }
111  RandomInit();
112  try {
113  if (const auto maybe_exit{WalletAppInit(args, argc, argv)}) return *maybe_exit;
114  } catch (const std::exception& e) {
115  PrintExceptionContinue(&e, "WalletAppInit()");
116  return EXIT_FAILURE;
117  } catch (...) {
118  PrintExceptionContinue(nullptr, "WalletAppInit()");
119  return EXIT_FAILURE;
120  }
122  const auto command = args.GetCommand();
123  if (!command) {
124  tfm::format(std::cerr, "No method provided. Run `bitcoin-wallet -help` for valid methods.\n");
125  return EXIT_FAILURE;
126  }
127  if (command->args.size() != 0) {
128  tfm::format(std::cerr, "Error: Additional arguments provided (%s). Methods do not take arguments. Please refer to `-help`.\n", Join(command->args, ", "));
129  return EXIT_FAILURE;
130  }
134  return EXIT_FAILURE;
135  }
136  return EXIT_SUCCESS;
137 }
bool HelpRequested(const ArgsManager &args)
Definition: args.cpp:659
void SetupHelpOptions(ArgsManager &args)
Add help options to the args manager.
Definition: args.cpp:664
bool CheckDataDirOption(const ArgsManager &args)
Definition: args.cpp:722
ArgsManager gArgs
Definition: args.cpp:41
int exit_status
const auto command
const std::function< std::string(const char *)> G_TRANSLATION_FUN
Translate string to current locale using Qt.
Definition: random.cpp:754
static void SetupWalletToolArgs(ArgsManager &argsman)
Definition: system.cpp:57
ECC_Context ecc_context
static std::optional< int > WalletAppInit(ArgsManager &args, int argc, char *argv[])
ArgsManager & args
Definition: bitcoind.cpp:267
void SelectParams(const ChainType chain)
Sets the params returned by Params() to those for the given chain type.
void SetupChainParamsBaseOptions(ArgsManager &argsman)
Set the arguments for chainparams.
std::optional< const Command > GetCommand() const
Get the command and command args (returns std::nullopt if no command provided)
Definition: args.cpp:340
Definition: args.h:118
disable validation
Definition: args.h:104
disallow -nofoo syntax
Definition: args.h:109
ChainType GetChainType() const
Returns the appropriate chain type from the program arguments.
Definition: args.cpp:741
bool ParseParameters(int argc, const char *const argv[], std::string &error)
Definition: args.cpp:177
std::string GetHelpMessage() const
Get the help string.
Definition: args.cpp:590
bool IsArgSet(const std::string &strArg) const
Return true if the given argument has been manually set.
Definition: args.cpp:369
void AddCommand(const std::string &cmd, const std::string &help)
Add subcommand.
Definition: args.cpp:550
std::string GetArg(const std::string &strArg, const std::string &strDefault) const
Return string argument or default value.
Definition: args.cpp:455
bool GetBoolArg(const std::string &strArg, bool fDefault) const
Return boolean argument or default value.
Definition: args.cpp:505
void AddArg(const std::string &name, const std::string &help, unsigned int flags, const OptionsCategory &cat)
Add argument.
Definition: args.cpp:562
bool m_print_to_console
Definition: logging.h:115
RAII class initializing and deinitializing global state for elliptic curve support.
Definition: key.h:250
std::string FormatFullVersion()
std::string LicenseInfo()
Returns licensing information (for -version)
void PrintExceptionContinue(const std::exception *pex, std::string_view thread_name)
Definition: exception.cpp:36
BCLog::Logger & LogInstance()
Definition: logging.cpp:19
std::unique_ptr< Init > MakeWalletInit(int argc, char *argv[], int &exit_status)
Return implementation of Init interface for the wallet process.
void format(std::ostream &out, const char *fmt, const Args &... args)
Format list of arguments to the stream according to given format string.
Definition: tinyformat.h:1060
bool ExecuteWalletToolFunc(const ArgsManager &args, const std::string &command)
Definition: wallettool.cpp:113
auto Join(const C &container, const S &separator, UnaryOp unary_op)
Join all container items.
Definition: string.h:69
#define strprintf
Format arguments and return the string or write to given std::ostream (see tinyformat::format doc for...
Definition: tinyformat.h:1162
std::string FormatParagraph(std::string_view in, size_t width, size_t indent)
Format a paragraph of text to a fixed width, adding spaces for indentation to any added line.