Bitcoin Core  27.99.0
P2P Digital Currency
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1 // Copyright (c) 2009-2021 The Bitcoin Core developers
2 // Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
3 // file COPYING or
5 #include <chainparams.h>
6 #include <key_io.h>
7 #include <pubkey.h>
8 #include <script/descriptor.h>
9 #include <test/fuzz/fuzz.h>
11 #include <util/chaintype.h>
12 #include <util/strencodings.h>
18 static void TestDescriptor(const Descriptor& desc, FlatSigningProvider& sig_provider, std::string& dummy)
19 {
20  // Trivial helpers.
21  (void)desc.IsRange();
22  const bool is_solvable{desc.IsSolvable()};
23  (void)desc.IsSingleType();
24  (void)desc.GetOutputType();
26  // Serialization to string representation.
27  (void)desc.ToString();
28  (void)desc.ToPrivateString(sig_provider, dummy);
29  (void)desc.ToNormalizedString(sig_provider, dummy);
31  // Serialization to Script.
32  DescriptorCache cache;
33  std::vector<CScript> out_scripts;
34  (void)desc.Expand(0, sig_provider, out_scripts, sig_provider, &cache);
35  (void)desc.ExpandPrivate(0, sig_provider, sig_provider);
36  (void)desc.ExpandFromCache(0, cache, out_scripts, sig_provider);
38  // If we could serialize to script we must be able to infer using the same provider.
39  if (!out_scripts.empty()) {
40  assert(InferDescriptor(out_scripts.back(), sig_provider));
42  // The ScriptSize() must match the size of the serialized Script. (ScriptSize() is set for all descs but 'combo()'.)
43  const bool is_combo{!desc.IsSingleType()};
44  assert(is_combo || desc.ScriptSize() == out_scripts.back().size());
45  }
47  const auto max_sat_maxsig{desc.MaxSatisfactionWeight(true)};
48  const auto max_sat_nonmaxsig{desc.MaxSatisfactionWeight(true)};
49  const auto max_elems{desc.MaxSatisfactionElems()};
50  // We must be able to estimate the max satisfaction size for any solvable descriptor (but combo).
51  const bool is_nontop_or_nonsolvable{!is_solvable || !desc.GetOutputType()};
52  const bool is_input_size_info_set{max_sat_maxsig && max_sat_nonmaxsig && max_elems};
53  assert(is_input_size_info_set || is_nontop_or_nonsolvable);
54 }
57 {
58  static ECC_Context ecc_context{};
60 }
63 {
66 }
69 {
70  // Key derivation is expensive. Deriving deep derivation paths take a lot of compute and we'd
71  // rather spend time elsewhere in this target, like on the actual descriptor syntax. So rule
72  // out strings which could correspond to a descriptor containing a too large derivation path.
73  if (HasDeepDerivPath(buffer)) return;
75  const std::string mocked_descriptor{buffer.begin(), buffer.end()};
76  if (const auto descriptor = MOCKED_DESC_CONVERTER.GetDescriptor(mocked_descriptor)) {
77  FlatSigningProvider signing_provider;
78  std::string error;
79  const auto desc = Parse(*descriptor, signing_provider, error);
80  if (desc) TestDescriptor(*desc, signing_provider, error);
81  }
82 }
85 {
86  // See comment above for rationale.
87  if (HasDeepDerivPath(buffer)) return;
89  const std::string descriptor(buffer.begin(), buffer.end());
90  FlatSigningProvider signing_provider;
91  std::string error;
92  for (const bool require_checksum : {true, false}) {
93  const auto desc = Parse(descriptor, signing_provider, error, require_checksum);
94  if (desc) TestDescriptor(*desc, signing_provider, error);
95  }
96 }
ECC_Context ecc_context
void SelectParams(const ChainType chain)
Sets the params returned by Params() to those for the given chain type.
Cache for single descriptor's derived extended pubkeys.
Definition: descriptor.h:19
RAII class initializing and deinitializing global state for elliptic curve support.
Definition: key.h:247
Converts a mocked descriptor string to a valid one.
Definition: descriptor.h:21
void Init()
When initializing the target, populate the list of keys.
Definition: descriptor.cpp:7
std::optional< std::string > GetDescriptor(std::string_view mocked_desc) const
Get an actual descriptor string from a descriptor string whose keys were mocked.
Definition: descriptor.cpp:48
static UniValue Parse(std::string_view raw)
Parse string to UniValue or throw runtime_error if string contains invalid JSON.
Definition: client.cpp:318
void initialize_mocked_descriptor_parse()
static void TestDescriptor(const Descriptor &desc, FlatSigningProvider &sig_provider, std::string &dummy)
Test a successfully parsed descriptor.
void initialize_descriptor_parse()
MockedDescriptorConverter MOCKED_DESC_CONVERTER
The converter of mocked descriptors, needs to be initialized when the target is.
std::unique_ptr< Descriptor > InferDescriptor(const CScript &script, const SigningProvider &provider)
Find a descriptor for the specified script, using information from provider where possible.
Interface for parsed descriptor objects.
Definition: descriptor.h:98
virtual bool IsSingleType() const =0
Whether this descriptor will return one scriptPubKey or multiple (aka is or is not combo)
virtual std::optional< int64_t > MaxSatisfactionElems() const =0
Get the maximum size number of stack elements for satisfying this descriptor.
virtual std::optional< OutputType > GetOutputType() const =0
virtual bool ToNormalizedString(const SigningProvider &provider, std::string &out, const DescriptorCache *cache=nullptr) const =0
Convert the descriptor to a normalized string.
virtual std::optional< int64_t > ScriptSize() const =0
Get the size of the scriptPubKey for this descriptor.
virtual std::optional< int64_t > MaxSatisfactionWeight(bool use_max_sig) const =0
Get the maximum size of a satisfaction for this descriptor, in weight units.
virtual std::string ToString(bool compat_format=false) const =0
Convert the descriptor back to a string, undoing parsing.
virtual bool Expand(int pos, const SigningProvider &provider, std::vector< CScript > &output_scripts, FlatSigningProvider &out, DescriptorCache *write_cache=nullptr) const =0
Expand a descriptor at a specified position.
virtual bool IsRange() const =0
Whether the expansion of this descriptor depends on the position.
virtual bool IsSolvable() const =0
Whether this descriptor has all information about signing ignoring lack of private keys.
virtual void ExpandPrivate(int pos, const SigningProvider &provider, FlatSigningProvider &out) const =0
Expand the private key for a descriptor at a specified position, if possible.
virtual bool ToPrivateString(const SigningProvider &provider, std::string &out) const =0
Convert the descriptor to a private string.
virtual bool ExpandFromCache(int pos, const DescriptorCache &read_cache, std::vector< CScript > &output_scripts, FlatSigningProvider &out) const =0
Expand a descriptor at a specified position using cached expansion data.
bool HasDeepDerivPath(const FuzzBufferType &buff, const int max_depth)
Whether the buffer, if it represents a valid descriptor, contains a derivation path deeper than a giv...
Definition: descriptor.cpp:74