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main_impl.h File Reference
#include "../../../include/secp256k1_ecdh.h"
#include "../../ecmult_const_impl.h"
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static int ecdh_hash_function_sha256 (unsigned char *output, const unsigned char *x32, const unsigned char *y32, void *data)
int secp256k1_ecdh (const secp256k1_context *ctx, unsigned char *output, const secp256k1_pubkey *point, const unsigned char *scalar, secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function hashfp, void *data)
 Compute an EC Diffie-Hellman secret in constant time. More...


const secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function_sha256 = ecdh_hash_function_sha256
const secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function_default = ecdh_hash_function_sha256

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◆ ecdh_hash_function_sha256()

static int ecdh_hash_function_sha256 ( unsigned char *  output,
const unsigned char *  x32,
const unsigned char *  y32,
void *  data 

Definition at line 13 of file main_impl.h.

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◆ secp256k1_ecdh()

int secp256k1_ecdh ( const secp256k1_context ctx,
unsigned char *  output,
const secp256k1_pubkey pubkey,
const unsigned char *  seckey,
secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function  hashfp,
void *  data 

Compute an EC Diffie-Hellman secret in constant time.

Returns: 1: exponentiation was successful 0: scalar was invalid (zero or overflow) or hashfp returned 0 Args: ctx: pointer to a context object. Out: output: pointer to an array to be filled by hashfp. In: pubkey: pointer to a secp256k1_pubkey containing an initialized public key. seckey: a 32-byte scalar with which to multiply the point. hashfp: pointer to a hash function. If NULL, secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function_sha256 is used (in which case, 32 bytes will be written to output). data: arbitrary data pointer that is passed through to hashfp (can be NULL for secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function_sha256).

Definition at line 29 of file main_impl.h.

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Variable Documentation

◆ secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function_default

const secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function_default = ecdh_hash_function_sha256

Definition at line 27 of file main_impl.h.

◆ secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function_sha256

const secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function_sha256 = ecdh_hash_function_sha256

Definition at line 26 of file main_impl.h.