Bitcoin Core  27.99.0
P2P Digital Currency
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1 /***********************************************************************
2  * Copyright (c) 2015 Andrew Poelstra *
3  * Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying *
4  * file COPYING or*
5  ***********************************************************************/
10 #include "../../../include/secp256k1_ecdh.h"
11 #include "../../ecmult_const_impl.h"
13 static int ecdh_hash_function_sha256(unsigned char *output, const unsigned char *x32, const unsigned char *y32, void *data) {
14  unsigned char version = (y32[31] & 0x01) | 0x02;
15  secp256k1_sha256 sha;
16  (void)data;
19  secp256k1_sha256_write(&sha, &version, 1);
20  secp256k1_sha256_write(&sha, x32, 32);
21  secp256k1_sha256_finalize(&sha, output);
23  return 1;
24 }
29 int secp256k1_ecdh(const secp256k1_context* ctx, unsigned char *output, const secp256k1_pubkey *point, const unsigned char *scalar, secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function hashfp, void *data) {
30  int ret = 0;
31  int overflow = 0;
32  secp256k1_gej res;
33  secp256k1_ge pt;
35  unsigned char x[32];
36  unsigned char y[32];
38  VERIFY_CHECK(ctx != NULL);
39  ARG_CHECK(output != NULL);
40  ARG_CHECK(point != NULL);
41  ARG_CHECK(scalar != NULL);
43  if (hashfp == NULL) {
45  }
47  secp256k1_pubkey_load(ctx, &pt, point);
48  secp256k1_scalar_set_b32(&s, scalar, &overflow);
50  overflow |= secp256k1_scalar_is_zero(&s);
53  secp256k1_ecmult_const(&res, &pt, &s);
54  secp256k1_ge_set_gej(&pt, &res);
56  /* Compute a hash of the point */
59  secp256k1_fe_get_b32(x, &pt.x);
60  secp256k1_fe_get_b32(y, &pt.y);
62  ret = hashfp(output, x, y, data);
64  memset(x, 0, 32);
65  memset(y, 0, 32);
68  return !!ret & !overflow;
69 }
71 #endif /* SECP256K1_MODULE_ECDH_MAIN_H */
int ret
const secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function_sha256
Definition: main_impl.h:26
static int ecdh_hash_function_sha256(unsigned char *output, const unsigned char *x32, const unsigned char *y32, void *data)
Definition: main_impl.h:13
int secp256k1_ecdh(const secp256k1_context *ctx, unsigned char *output, const secp256k1_pubkey *point, const unsigned char *scalar, secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function hashfp, void *data)
Compute an EC Diffie-Hellman secret in constant time.
Definition: main_impl.h:29
const secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function_default
Definition: main_impl.h:27
static void secp256k1_ecmult_const(secp256k1_gej *r, const secp256k1_ge *a, const secp256k1_scalar *q)
Multiply: R = q*A (in constant-time for q)
#define secp256k1_fe_get_b32
Definition: field.h:90
#define secp256k1_fe_normalize
Definition: field.h:78
static void secp256k1_ge_set_gej(secp256k1_ge *r, secp256k1_gej *a)
Set a group element equal to another which is given in jacobian coordinates.
static void secp256k1_scalar_cmov(secp256k1_scalar *r, const secp256k1_scalar *a, int flag)
If flag is true, set *r equal to *a; otherwise leave it.
static void secp256k1_scalar_set_b32(secp256k1_scalar *r, const unsigned char *bin, int *overflow)
Set a scalar from a big endian byte array.
static int secp256k1_scalar_is_zero(const secp256k1_scalar *a)
Check whether a scalar equals zero.
static void secp256k1_scalar_clear(secp256k1_scalar *r)
Clear a scalar to prevent the leak of sensitive data.
static const secp256k1_scalar secp256k1_scalar_one
Definition: scalar_impl.h:27
static void secp256k1_sha256_initialize(secp256k1_sha256 *hash)
static void secp256k1_sha256_finalize(secp256k1_sha256 *hash, unsigned char *out32)
static void secp256k1_sha256_write(secp256k1_sha256 *hash, const unsigned char *data, size_t size)
#define VERIFY_CHECK(cond)
Definition: util.h:153
#define ARG_CHECK(cond)
Definition: secp256k1.c:45
static int secp256k1_pubkey_load(const secp256k1_context *ctx, secp256k1_ge *ge, const secp256k1_pubkey *pubkey)
Definition: secp256k1.c:240
int(* secp256k1_ecdh_hash_function)(unsigned char *output, const unsigned char *x32, const unsigned char *y32, void *data)
A pointer to a function that hashes an EC point to obtain an ECDH secret.
A group element in affine coordinates on the secp256k1 curve, or occasionally on an isomorphic curve ...
Definition: group.h:16
secp256k1_fe x
Definition: group.h:17
secp256k1_fe y
Definition: group.h:18
A group element of the secp256k1 curve, in jacobian coordinates.
Definition: group.h:28
Opaque data structure that holds a parsed and valid public key.
Definition: secp256k1.h:74
A scalar modulo the group order of the secp256k1 curve.
Definition: scalar_4x64.h:13